Monday, September 05, 2005

All that and a bag of pork rinds....

Why hello, web of the world.

BurlingtoneZ is here to rock the pretentious snot out of me. Just why am I contributing to this blog? Well, for one, I type to enlighten you. Burlington is a well-established bastion of "jam" music, essentially a genre founded by burnouts that play the same note over and over again for 45 minutes in an attempt to melt faces off. Hippies smell, but that's an entirely different beast. For the rest of us who enjoy music with originality and purpose, B-Town has a lot to offer, if you know where to look. I'd give you a complete forecast for the upcoming months, but where's the fun and surprise in that (and moreover, stuff for me to write about for the rest of our assignments)? Stay tuned...

Without any further ado, ladies and gents, smallfrey's novelty selection of the Labor Day weekend:

I was lucky enough to stumble across Mr. Pyle when he opened for a friend's band at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY on August 18th, 2005. It all started when a simple keyboard was placed upon the stage. A tall, lanky character, strapped with an accordion, sauntered across the platform...and descended. His mouth never opened, but his fabricated electronic beats and instrument's bellows did all of the talking. Creating a sound that belongs in the background of a computer game on acid, shot in the face, and eaten by wolves, Harry's music bordered self-irony and we were immediately captivated. After his short set, a companion of mine purchased a copy of his 31-track album, aptly titled "The Fourth Dimension of Music." The good sport he is, H.P. also threw in a Bic® lighter scotch taped with his logo and the slogan "Are you ready to rock, bitch?!" And aren't we ever, Harry Pyle, aren't we ever.

P.S. More shamless promotion: listen to DJ Tanner Mondays at noon on WRUV, 90.1 FM.


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